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Rotax Max overflow bottle and gearbox breather kit

Rotax Max overflow bottle and gearbox breather kit

GST Included

Kit includes radiator overflow bottle and gearbox breather

Overflow bottle provides a simple solution to a problem that Rotax owners have been struggling with since the motors creation. Integrated slots to feed cable ties through and neatly mount onto the radiator hose stops the need for unnecessary additional brackets and makes mounting easy and reliable.

The gearbox breather is designed to let the gearbox vent without any risk of water finding its way into the gearbox. We found that it is becoming more popular to run a filter as a gearbox breather now instead of running a hose to an overflow bottle, but the problem is water would find its way into the gearbox when the motor was run in wet conditions. This breather is designed to make it near impossible for water to find its way into your engine.

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