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CoffsKart Rolling Chassis TAG

CoffsKart Rolling Chassis TAG

GST Included

CoffsKart is a new kart to the Australia market - brought into Australia by Troy Brown of Using his 30 years+ of experience and partnering with Croc Promotion has lead to a well made high performance karting product.

Aesthetic Revolution Design

In terms of materials, a lot has been taken from the previous Croc Promotion venture, whereas the graphics and colour scheme has been completely renewed.

New Features and Technical Modifications

The CoffsKart by Croc Promotion chassis is a awesome product to have a baseline to start with, new features and technical modifications, especially with regard to materials, which have been analysed and optimised, even taking into account the tyres that will be used.


Technical data

Homologation CIK FIA

Ø Tubes 30 Mm

Wheel Base 1045 Mm

Ø Axle 50 Mm

Brake System LZF04 Hydraulic System

Brake Disk Ventilated/Floating

Front Hubs Magnesium

Rear Hubs Magnesium

Wheels 132/212 Magnesium for more info.


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    Choose Options to see Race Ready Packages. Race Ready Packages include Assembly, Engine Fitting, Tyres, Chain/Sprocket, Safety Wires. and Skid Plates, Race Prep and Performance Tune.

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